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Many blessings!

                            Welcome to Witch-faerie

 Merry Meet!
This is the new lesson site for
I decided since we had so many members on that website, and due to the fact it was 3 years old, I decided to leave much of the informational items on there, and move to another website for lessons. 
This is still a free website, and you are more than welcome to join. The rules are simple. Don't harass each other, no porn or spam. Keep it clean so I don't have to spend hours on housekeeping...You see, I get mean when I am angry. We can just sum it up in one sentence....Don't make me have to call my flying monkeys!
Now that we've gotten that out of the way, the reason why I put up these sites was because many people like to purchase shamanic items, but don't know much about them. Let's face it, being a Witch is a lot of work, and long hours in meditation and focus. But it can be fun. Especially when you are doing hands on work. If you ever need me, or have a question just hit the contact button on the side of the page, and it will go directly to my email. Unless i am sleeping, I will pick it up within a few hours and get back to you.
For those of you who do not want to join, some of the pages are available to the public, and some are not.
This site deserves participation from it's students. I want everyone to check in at least once a week and spend some time in here. 
There is a blog and a forum, and I would really like you to place your written assignments in the wiki to share with the rest of us. These are for members and you need to sign up and be accepted, and then come back and complete your profile.
So please enjoy! Feel Free, and Namaste! sign up on the member page